After many years as a cardiologist, it became clear to Dr. Gerber that treating just one part of a person did not generally help his patients achieve good health. Addressing a multitude of heart conditions and heart disease was just a small piece of the pie, not a pathway to optimal health. Dr. Gerber was more interested in preventing the onset of heart disease and the many other diseases his patients presented.  The more he studied ‘alternative healthcare’, Bio-individuality and holistic health practices, Dr. Gerber was convinced that with the proper guidance and treatments for each patient on an individual basis. By addressing the whole body rather than one specific illness, he would help many people to avoid a multitude of diseases before conception as well as reduce and often eliminate drugs generally prescribed for many symptoms.  In other words, Dr. Gerber knew he must look at the entire make up of each person, including their DNA, lifestyle and nutritional habits to prescribe a treatment plan that would allow each individual to achieve optimal health.

Each person’s body knows what it needs to thrive. Often we do not recognize the communications our bodies offer until it gets our attention through cravings, discomfort, pain or disease.  Dr. Gerber has spent the last several years studying a large variety of new and ancient treatments worldwide, to effectively bring the body back to balance and prevent future diseases based on each individual person.  Dr. Gerber’s expertise in a variety of patient care modalities helps people stay healthy through the aging process of life.  Additionally, Dr. Gerber provides superlative care for patients looking to eliminate or manage current diseases through a combination of traditional as well as non-traditional treatment plans specific to each person.

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